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Chia plotting service

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Chia cloud plotting

Chia plotting takes a relatively long time and requires an optimal mix of available CPU cores, memory and disks, lots and lots of disks. Also plotting reduces the life-span of your SSD drives. Instead of investing in plotters that you may not need once your Chia plotting has been completed we will do the plotting for you.

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Are you our new client? Then just get your first Chia plot for free! Otherwise, fill the order form. Provide your public keys so we can generate Chia plots for you.


You don't need to pay if you are our new client. We will make one Chia plot for you for free. Otherwise, after submitting order form you will be redirected to Coinbase payment page. You can pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, USDC and others.

We are plotting

After successful payment or if it's your first Chia plot on our website plotting starts automatically. It takes at least 1 hour depending on how many plots you ordered, your place in the queue and the workload.


We will send you a link for downloading when at least one of your plots is ready.
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